Business Strategy

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The digital revolution is shaping overall customer behaviour and business landscapes faster than ever. Every day brings new digitally driven demand, new customer categories and new opportunities to serve them – better and cheaper. What does this mean for your future business destination?

We help your leadership team in discovering and defining the future destination of your business using proven processes to meet the agendas of the owners, executive board and management team. We strongly believe, that solid stakeholder input will re-inform both planning and future execution.

Working with us helps you combine traditional strategy development with a solid customer understanding from a digitally empowered world through using a proven customer-centred innovation methodology.

Our business-building services include:
• Market and industry analyses and scenarios
• Customer insight and segmentation
• Innovation and growth scenarios
• Customer-centric business models
• Corporate strategy development

Brand Positioning

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The digital era has good news and bad news for your brand. The good news is that it takes you and your services closer than ever to people in every corner of the world. It’s never been easier to capture the eyes and ears of a virtually limitless market. The challenge is that the dynamics of building a desired reputation are increasingly interactive.

We hold an impressive record of positioning, empowering and transforming corporate and service brands to meet shareholder, executive and customer expectations. And we can do the same for you, ensuring that your brand is consistently unique, credible, likeable, sustainable – and profitable.

Our proven brand development process: 
• Assessment of trends and customer insight
• Understanding vision, strategy and customer insight
• Defining business transformation and opportunities
• Formulation of positioning and brand strategy
• Successful brand implementation and management.

Service Design

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How easy is it to do business with your business? No-one owes you their custom. That’s why service design must be a continuous process of improving user experience, involving existing and potential customers, and making their engagement with you as simple and attractive as possible. We help you combine traditional product development with digitally empowered interaction and service design, using a proven people-centred innovation methodology including these modules:

• Service innovation
• User and design research
• Service concept definition
• Interaction design and user interface design
• Service design
• Implementation

Digital Presence

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If you are feeling the challenges of the new digital age, you are not alone. Rapidly evolving customer interaction and value creation models are putting pressure on both service delivery and profitability, right across the business spectrum. It’s vital, therefore, to grasp the scale of the evolution, and to discover how your digital activity can be made to deliver more value for your customers and long-term success for your business.

We help your leadership teams make the most of your digital presence by ensuring that your digitalized services, content and customer interactions are right for you and your customers.

Our digital strategy services consist of:
• Customer insight generation
• Business opportunity analysis
• Business modelling, service concept and interaction design
• Technology and application assessment
• Digital strategy formulation
• Roadmap development.

Experience Design

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A customer experience is the sum of all interaction between an organization and it’s customers as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact. Defining the desired customer experience gives us answers to questions like; what should they think and what should they feel? The description is always built upon our brand promise, points of difference, and key benefits. Our customer experience design consist of:

• Customer journey build up
• Touch point identification
• Customer or brand promise definition
• Creating desired customer experience
• Aligning organisation and way of working

Differentiating Culture

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What makes you different? If your organisation contains a multiplicity of cultural traditions and corporate identities – or alternatively, has none – that’s a tough question to answer. Your customers will struggle to find reasons to give you their business, or their trust.

At Brand Navigator we know how to create corporate cultures that capture and align the many facets of your values, vision, mission and ethics, building from them a solid, consistent strategic differentiation for your brand.

We can help you build a stronger culture through:
• Culture audit and review
• Culture identity development
• Employee engagement
• Brand differentiation

    Who we are

    We are corporate, markeing and brand strategy consultants with over two decades of proven expertise. Bringing experience and insights from a large amount of different sized businesses including business-to-business, consumer, and nonprofit brands. We provide a wide range of services including corporate strategy, brand positioning, service and business model design adapted to the digital era. Customer centric corporate and brand strategy consultancy is at the center of everything we do, every service we provide contribute to helping our clients improve differentiation and brand preference.


    Our vision

    In today’s competitive world and marketplace, a clear differentiation and strength of public perception has become as critical to success as the quality of strategy and services. More than ever, the first factor in attracting an audience is the attitude yuo carry, how people perceive your company and what you offer – what they clearly see and hear from you that communicates your difference. In essence, it is what your corporate brand stands for and your ability to deliver on the promise every day and across all moments of interaction.


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    Turn key delivery from co-creation to implementation …
    While our process is consistent with best consultancy practices, we like to enhance the discovery phase. It’s an intensive and focused time in which we dream and strategize together. In order to ensure common understanding and quality output, we think that all people that can deliver value, should contribute to the process. Finally, we prefer to enhance co-creation by taking you to inspiring or unusual environments. Please ask us for more information.

    We have an proven agenda and process for different tasks; corporate, marketing and brand strategy development has their own dynamics and we effectively apply different framewoks to fit your objectives. Interactive discovery sessions are followed by development and evaluation of different scenarios that finally will evolve to solid strategic outcomes with implemetation plans. Always based on agreed structures. Please ask us for references or detailed plans.


    Plans are valuable only when they become operational and meaningful. Implementing new strategic foundations always provide an opportunity to further engage different value chain stakeholders in order to ensure maximum market power. We are usually hired to act as navigators duringreasearch and development, but using us for project implementation will make your plans more meaningful and efficient. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you cascade your ideas to the marketplace.


    If you are looking to optimize both operational results and long-term profitability, hiring a top-level independent executive or project manager with indept experience, can help you take your business further. Industry and customer understanding, combined with skills and energy to drive your ideas to the market will further enhance your performance. Please ask us for more information, we are always ready to start the next day.

    How we work

    Our development is based on industry best practices aquire by our team-members, it includes four phases:

    1. Discovery and analyses
    2. Strategy or concept creation
    3. Internal alignment
    4. Market implementation

    Working with clients through this process has created both stronger corporate cultures and international success stories.

    How we think

    The task of managing corporate and brand startegy can seem overwhelming in a world overcrowded with products, services and complexity. The norm is to get lost and overlooked in a sea of over-competitiveness and marketplace clutter. It doesn’t need to be that way – and we believe it shouldn’t be. After all, the essence of branding is clarity, simplicity and consistency. With simplicity in mind, the goal is always to stand out both in operations and communication.

    How we research

    Brand Compass is designed to determine whether the key shareholders, the executive board and the management team are moving in the same direction. Consistent, sustainable and strategy aligned brand development requires agreement on common bearings. Using the Brand Compass evaluation and development tool, you can simply and effectively check that your management team and executive board members see the company’s reputation in the same light.

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